Thursday, June 17, 2010

Additional Data on Suspicious Blog Activity

Due to requests from various interested parties we are publishing additional data related to allegations of potentially improper use of public resources.  The table below details a substantial subset from a prolific pattern of blog posting made under the pseudonym "Capper" on multiple blogs during times that could legitimately be construed as working hours.  Additional information will be published on this site as it is received and processed.

2009978:40aMilwaukee County First
20099182:50pMilwaukee County First
200992511:13aMilwaukee County First
200910212:33pMilwaukee County First
200910212:34pMilwaukee County First
20091084:09pMilwaukee County First
20091088:55aMilwaukee County First
20091098:58aMilwaukee County First
20091099:21aMilwaukee County First
20091099:24aMilwaukee County First
20091293:53pMilwaukee County First
20101711:56aMilwaukee County First
2010173:50pMilwaukee County First
20101153:08pCognitive Dissidence
201011512:35pCognitive Dissidence
201011512:25pCognitive Dissidence
201011512:02pCognitive Dissidence
20101184:20pCognitive Dissidence
20101183:48pCognitive Dissidence
201021911:26aMilwaukee County First
20102191:44pMilwaukee County First
201021911:38aCognitive Dissidence
20102199:43aCognitive Dissidence
20102264:15pMilwaukee County First
20102264:15pMilwaukee County First
20102264:17pCognitive Dissidence
2010351:37pMilwaukee County First
20104148:14aMilwaukee County First
20104152:43pMilwaukee County First
20104152:29pMilwaukee County First
20104151:38pMilwaukee County First
20104151:57pCognitive Dissidence
20104152:51pCognitive Dissidence
20104151:57pCognitive Dissidence
20104169:01aMilwaukee County First
201041611:11aCognitive Dissidence
201041610:30aCognitive Dissidence
201051012:45pMilwaukee County First
20105141:35pMilwaukee County First
20105142:28pCognitive Dissidence
20105141:50pCognitive Dissidence
20105142:28pCognitive Dissidence
20105141:50pCognitive Dissidence
201053111:42aMilwaukee County First
2010619:07aCognitive Dissidence
2010648:14aCognitive Dissidence

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

DA Investigates Taxpayer-Funded Political Blogger

The Milwaukee County District Attorney is investigating a Milwaukee County health department employee suspected of operating three political internet blogs during work hours based on a complaint filed by CRG Network Director of Field Operations Orville Seymer.

Wisconsin law prohibits public employees from using taxpayer resources for political purposes. A government employee running political blogs at work is clearly seem to be a taxpayer-funded political activity.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office has taken possession of the government computer used by Christopher Liebenthal, a Milwaukee County employee who operates the three political blogs. Computer records show he was posting to his blog during work hours and possibly from taxpayer-funded computers.

Liebenthal has been active in Milwaukee County First and AFSCME Local 48. He has blogged or maintained web pages for those groups as well as his own. Blogging under the name “Capper,” Liebenthal writes for two political blogs called Cognitive Dissidence and Whallah! Numerous political columns by “Capper” [Liebenthal] were posted during working hours.

The following are links to documentation in support of the allegation.

CRG Network press release

Examples of Cognitive Dissidence posts during work hours

Examples of Wallah! posts during work hours

Friday, June 4, 2010

Milwaukee Job Loss Statistics

The Milwaukee area lost 19,200 jobs over the 12-month period ending in April, according to the latest report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Milwaukee-Waukesha-West Allis metropolitan area was one of 97 of the largest U.S. metros that saw a reduction in employment over the past year. Chicago took the hardest hit, losing 101,500 private-sector jobs in 12 months. Thirteen other metros lost at least 25,000 jobs each.

Seasonally unadjusted Milwaukee-area employment stood at 697,600 jobs in April, down 2.7 percent from 716,800 in the same month a year ago. The area ranked 79th in overall decline in job totals, which means only 21 markets lost more jobs than Milwaukee.

For the full employment data on the nation's largest metros, see the analysis from Business First of Buffalo.

Last week, the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development pegged the Milwaukee area's one year seasonally unadjusted job loss at 19,500. The Milwaukee metro, which had a jobless rate of 8.5 percent in April, had gained 10,600 jobs from a month ago.

Read more: Milwaukee area loses 19,200 jobs in a year - The Business Journal of Milwaukee